Learning is powerful, but “knowing” about dating, communication tactics and feminine energy does not necessarily change our love lives and relationships.

This is why, in our Inner Circle, we aim not only to help you learn the skills to creating Extraordinary Love, but to help you “transform” from the inside-out – so that you can think, feel and make choices in new and empowered ways in your love life.

Because, when transformation happens, new neural pathways are created in your brain, and you simply cannot go back to your old ways.

The change has happened, and it is irreversible.

This is the kind of growth we help you create in your love lives as part of the Extraordinary Love, Inner Circle.

A journey of transformation for 6 months with me, global Love Expert Sami Wunder, and my team of associate coaches.

What is the EXTRAORDINARY LOVE Inner Circle?

I truly believe that at the heart of the struggles in dating and romantic relationships is the absence of the right skill-set among strong and successful women about what make romantic relationships tick and stick.

The Extraordinary Love group coaching program, famously called my Inner Circle, fills this gap for high-achieving women, by training them in the skills of romantic love and giving them a confidential, safe space to turn to, when they need a sounding board.

We dive deep – into the wounds that are keeping you stuck in a cycle of “I am not good enough”, to feeling the need for constant external validation from the men you date or the man you love.

We don't just skim the surface around how to “lean back”, we actually address your fears that come up when you lean back.

We give you the tools, video trainings, worksheets, empowering perspectives and healing meditations that you need, in order to become the most Extraordinary version of yourself, and the woman you were born to be.

The program is the perfectly designed mix of structured video trainings, live coaching support from me, Sami Wunder, a world-class love expert, and my team of trained coaches, for a period of 6 months.

You will also receive the priceless support of your feminine sisterhood in a powerful community of amazing women coming together in this program from all parts of the world.

Think kick-ass, gorgeous women like yourself – lawyers, bankers, engineers, doctors, money and health coaches and other highly motivated professionals.

Who Do We Welcome Into Our Inner Circle?

We love working with women who have a heart, drive and a desire to experience grand love.

Women who know and believe that true love doesn’t only exist in films and novels. It exists here on this planet, and they desire to experience it. These women see themselves being treated exquisitely by an amazing man, receiving big bouquets of flowers for no other reason but their presence, and waking up to kisses and coffee in bed.

These women are not afraid to invest in their future, which they see as bright and full of infinite possibilities.

These women understand that healing ourselves, removing our blocks and getting out of our comfort zone and being willing to try new ways of being and living our life, is a pre-requisite to growth.

Whether you are single, married or anywhere in between, we have a place for you, if you have a burning desire to grow and learn and heal yourself.

We run two separate support groups: one for motivated single women and women who are dating, and the second for those that are in committed relationships / married.

This is our third year of our running this program, and we have served over 150 happy clients in achieving results that are unheard of in the relationship coaching industry.

Take a look yourself:

No Matter Where You Are Right Now, Your Higher Self Knows You Are Meant For More Love…

More love. More joy. More ease and flow in your romantic relationships.

You deserve to feel cherished and adored by an amazing man and experience the joy of pure giving masculine energy coming towards you.

I remember, when I was single, I struggled endlessly with men, going from one meaningless date to the next, wondering what was wrong with me?

After all, I was a well- educated, good looking, hard-working woman with a Master’s degree in public policy from a top German University and a Gold Medal in Economics Honors from Delhi University.

Even my advanced intellect couldn’t solve this dilemma in my private life.

It became outright perplexing and frustrating for me to understand why my love life had to look the opposite of the success I had achieved in my professional life.

Why was it EASY for me to achieve success at my career, but so very HARD to succeed at romantic love?

On my part, I felt like I had done everything right.

I had worked hard for grades in school, always been the “good girl” and done the morally right thing.

I used to help others if I could, slogged to the top in Delhi University and had been a good daughter and sister.

Why was the Universe punishing me this way by sending a string of non-commital men to me?

“How does one break out of this cycle of failure at love?” my head used to spin.

Today I know, that nothing was wrong with me.

I just did not possess the SKILLS to succeed at romantic love and with men. Once I did learn them, everything changed for me.

Learning the skills of romantic love at the right time in my life changed everything for me.

I attracted my dream man, 3 destination weddings (with the same man ;), my little boy, our dream house and a marriage where I wake up and fall asleep to kisses, confident that love will not die out, because I possess the SKILLS to keep it alive and passionate.

Life is good and I feel grateful and blessed.

So much so, that sometimes I still have to pinch myself to realize that all of this is true.

Now, it is probably the same scenario for you, as mine used to be…

You’re finding yourself in unfulfilling dating scenarios or a relationship or marriage that aren’t feeling at their best, and you’re wondering what’s wrong with you?

You’ve probably tried counselling, therapy and even read several relationship books, and but nothing seems to create results for you.

You know you are meant for more but you don’t know how to get there.

I Hear You, And I Want To Tell You:

That nothing is wrong with you.

When you learn the skills of what works with men (it’s proven and scientific and not wishy-washy), you too can turn around your romantic fate, like hundreds of my clients have already done, in the last 3 years alone.

That Extraordinary Love is not a run-of-the mill love coaching program.

It is not going to show you how to dress sexy, lose weight and talk to your sweety so that the love can return, or the man in front of you can fall for you.

The program walks you through my 6-step, highly structured curriculum for single ladies / for women in relationships.

It is a deeply shifting program, and the content I have created in it for you follows the steps that I realized helped me the most in my own romantic journey, and that has been able to replicate excellent results for my clients.

After working with over 150 premium clients on this program alone, we have gained hands-on experience around how to structure a program that will benefit the busy woman the most – the busy woman who doesn’t have much time on her hands!

That Getting The Right Support At The Right Time Can Be Your Game-Changer In Love

As successful women, even though we can do everything on our own, having a loving support, expert guidance and someone to turn to when you have a question can be the game changer for us.

Yes, even though I have had massive amounts of success, I still hire high-level coaches and mentors to support me.

I believe in the value of being mentored, guided and supported.


What Do We Cover For Our Thriving Singles?

Month #0:

You Are Enough

Upon Signing Up:

  • Orientation Video
  • How To Make The Best Use Of The Program
  • Bonus Video Training: You Are Enough
  • Bonus Video Training: The Feminine Art Of Texting
  • Daily Self-Love & Self-Care Practices
  • Bonus Meditation To Be Practiced Daily: Connecting With Higher Self

Month #1:

An Empowered YOU

  • Training #1: Understanding The Empowered & Wounded Masculine And Feminine Energies
  • Training #2: Developing New, Empowering Fundamental Beliefs For Real Transformation
  • Bonus Training #1: Work-Life Balance For Successful Women
  • Bonus Training #2: Understanding Manifestation & Energy Mastery

Month #2:

Leaning Back & Managing Early Attachment

  • Training #3: Leaning Back & Overcoming Early Attachment In Dating
  • Training #4: Healing Your Blocks And Re-Writing Your Success Story
  • Bonus Training #3: Managing Your Emotional Investment
  • Bonus Training #4: Navigating Rejection Gracefully
  • Bonus: Healing Meditation

Month #3:

Busting Intimacy Fears & High Value Dating

  • Training #5: Easing Your Intimacy Fears
  • Training #6: Top 10 High Value Behaviours In Dating
  • Bonus Training #5: Wunder Dating Blueprint To Navigate Early Dating
  • Bonus Training #6: Owning Your Inner Diva Bitch In Dating

Month #4:

Soft On The Outside, Strong On The Inside

  • Training #7: Navigating Your Emotional World As A Feminine Woman
  • Training #8: Owning Your Boundaries & Reflecting Personal Power
  • Bonus Training #7: Recorded Masterclass On Handling Emotional Triggers

Month #5:

Loving & Communicating With Our Men

  • Training #9: Understanding Men
  • Training #10: Positive Tension & Why Men Love it
  • Bonus Training #8: Communicating With Men Powerfully

Month #6:

Sex, Money, & Rotational Dating

  • Training #11: Sex For Single Divas
  • Training #12: Handling Exclusively, Ins And Outs Of Rotational Dating
  • Bonus Training #9: The Way Forward From Here

Curriculum For Married Women & In Committed Relationships:

Month #0:

YOU Love You

Upon Signing Up:

  • Orientation Video
  • How To Make The Best Use Of The Program
  • Bonus Video Training: Top 10 High Value Behaviours In Romantic Relationships
  • Daily Self-Love & Self-Care Practices
  • Bonus Meditation To Be Practiced Daily: Connecting With Higher Self

Month #1:

Trusting You Are Loved

  • Training #1: Trusting You Are Loved
  • Training #2: Shifting Your Fundamental Beliefs About Your Relationship
  • Bonus Training #1: You Are Enough

Month #2:

Undo The Damage

  • Training #3: Stopping Over-Giving
  • Training #4: Stopping The Slow Poison Behaviors That Kill Love
  • Bonus Training #2: Understanding Control & Why We Control Our Men

Month #3:

Leaning Back & Enhancing Love

  • Training #5: Leaning Back & Creating Space
  • Training #6: Practicing Behaviours That Enhance Love
  • Bonus Training #3: Understanding Men

Month #4:

Communication 101 & Creating Safety

  • Training #7: Communication 101: Talking In A Way He Can Hear + Scripts To Enhance Love
  • Training #8: Expressing Our Emotions Safely As Feminine Women
  • Bonus Training #4: Mastering Emotional Triggers

Month #5:

Sex & Money

  • Training #9: Navigating Sex Like A Diva Goddess
  • Training #10: Navigating Money Like A Diva Goddess
  • Bonus Training #5: Owning Your Inner Diva Bitch

Month #6:

Boundaries & Navigating Conflict

  • Training #11: Navigating Our Boundaries & Showing Personal Power In Relationships
  • Training #12: Fighting Fair
  • Bonus Training #6: The Way Forward & How To Build Up On All We Have Learned

That’s over 20 expert masterclasses, worksheets and bonuses delivered over 6 months, no matter which group you join!

PLUS - You Get Sami LIVE!

6 of these masterclasses will be taught live by me, every month, on the topic of the month, so that you can interact with me while I teach. (Value: 6K)

6 live Q & A calls to answer your submitted questions, directly by me, Sami, once every month (Value: 3K)

A private and confidential Facebook group check-in, once every month, where you can ask your questions on the topic of the month from one of my personally mentored coaches, Nadia or Natalie! (Value: 3K)

A private Facebook group where you can give and get support from your fellow diva sisters while being on this journey together for the next 6 months. (Priceless!)

Surprise journal prompts and calls to action, to keep you moving forward and applying the work from the trainings. (Value 500 euros)


Honestly, this program is priceless.

It is an opportunity to change your love life forever and shift out of your story of pain and struggle into a story of Diva Queendom & Extraordinary Empowerment in love.

And the way we have structured it, you not only get all the content, trainings and knowledge you need to empower yourself to be the most Extraordinary version of yourself, you also get live support from me directly and my associate coaches, that aids your clarity and results tremendously.

The total value of the program with all the masterclasses and live coaching calls and check ins included is:

Your Price: 5000 EUR.

Payment Plan Available - 2500 EUR Deposit
+ 5 monthly installments of 600 EUR

(you pay 500 more when you choose installments)

(Choose your payment option on the next page)

Fabulous, Luxurious Bonuses For Holistic Support When You Dive In Now:

As if all that we are giving wasn’t delicious enough, we want to give you more.

We have observed during our last rounds of Inner Circle, that when women start their healing journey, all sorts of “other” issues come up.

Health challenges, money challenges, body image issues, mums struggling with making time for dating or quality time with husband.

And while on the surface, this has nothing to do with our love lives, it actually DOES.

Hence, we are proud to provide you the most holistic program ever by bringing you a team of experts I rely on personally, to support you with these varied issues and challenges that will come up for all of us during our uplevelling processes!

Here’s What You Get MORE Of:

For the first 20 new participants who dive in, you get a 60 minutes LIVE masterclass with me, Sami Wunder, on managing emotional triggers. You will have the opportunity to talk to me live on this super valuable coaching call. (Value: 650 euros)

The first 20 participants who join will get a 60 minutes private session with certified NLP Coach and my personal Health Trainer, Florian Kretschmer. (Value: 600 euros)

Florian helped me gain my body back after motherhood and helped me inculcate the love for exercise. He will help you explore your body image and health blocks on your private bonus session with him.

The first 20 new joiners will participate in a LIVE interview with Parenting Coach Natalie Deadman, for those of you who struggle with your kids and making time with your partner for love or going out on your dates.

Natalie’s advice so was instrumental for Chris and me when we were struggling with balancing our lives with our little son. (Value: 450 euros)

All new participants get a 90 mins recorded interview with Money Mindset Coach Jessica Giles, to help you see why you’re unable to attract more money and how to attract more of it in your life. (Value: 450 euros)

All new participants get a recorded interview with Maria Marlowe, top Food Expert and Author from NYC, who will help you manage binge eating during periods of emotional turmoil. (Value: 450 euros)

And We Have Even More Goodies, Because We Want To See You Happy & Rise Together With Us In Your Love Life!

As a Sami Wunder VIP client, get 25 % OFF on all EMANI, 100% vegan cosmetics, including their premium line of pure mineral make-up and beauty products. Valid until May 31st, 2019.

As a Sami Wunder VIP client, get 20% OFF on all ELEMIS products - UK's number #1 brand of high-quality and high-performing skincare. Valid until May 31st, 2019.

Get a detailed self-assessment questionnaire to understand your strengths and weaknesses in the inner work journey.

Get access to Attract Your Soulmate (if you’re single) or Soulmates Forever (if you’re in a relationship) as added bonuses (worth 397 euros each), when you join the Inner Circle today.

Why work with Sami Wunder?

I understand that you want to work with the best and get the best possible support for yourself in your romantic relationships.

Hailed by the BBC and the Daily Mail as the “Get The Ring Coach”, I am the woman behind 124 client engagements in the last 3 years.

At just 31 years of age, I have built a seven figures company, and have been featured on Forbes and Time magazines, not because I am genie, but because I get terrific RESULTS for my clients and help them have the love they dream of.

My clients from Inner Circle 2017 & 2018 brought a huge range of issues, concerns,  and challenges to the group, and received professional, expert support that led to results I am proud of, and that few coaches can boast of:

15 women from IC 2017 and 2018 got engaged to be married to the man of their dreams.

Over 25 clients attracted quality men and happily committed relationships.

3 clients experienced the bliss of pregnancy above 38 years of age and I feel blessed to have experienced their journeys with them.

Several clients experienced a heightened sense of intimacy and connection with their husbands and romantic partners, and their relationships were reignited "like never before".

3 clients found the strength to leave husbands that weren’t right for them and proceed to divorce, with self-honour and self-love, and were supported in their journeys.

And It Wasn’t All About Love & Dating & Marriage!

3 clients received support and coping strategies when dealing with the loss of loved ones.

Several clients turned to me and the group for family issues, from their children, to their own parents, siblings and in-laws.

5 clients found the inner courage to start their own businesses and become entrepreneurs, in turn leading to more abundance and wealth attraction.

Take a look at some of the success stories to get an idea of what consistent, expert relationship advice from a world-class coach
& her team can do for you: 

Joining Sami's Inner Circle was the best decision of my life!

I joined the Extraordinary LOVE program in February 2018 to have continuous support, in an effort to save my marriage. Several weeks after joining, I discovered that my husband had been cheating throughout our marriage, and I was diagnosed with a malignant cancer.

The inner work and continuous support of the ladies in the group helped me to deal with a divorce from a very toxic man, and to fight for my life at the same time. The support of this group was essential for me.

Between workin on myself through the program, moving out of my home, fighting and beating cancer, I also started Rotational Dating to help me heal. The biggest surprise for me is that I already met a wonderful healthy masculine man that loves me dearly!

This is the first time in my life that I trust a man's love for me and feel safe in my love relationship.

Sami's Inner Circle has helped me to change my life and go after my desires.

~ Jose, canada

I got everything I needed from this program, and it matched exactly where I was and am in my Journey!

My interactions with men have become stronger and confident. My energy is soft on the outside and strong on the inside. I have finally understood that LOVE has to start first with me, and that Feminine Energy is powerful not only with men, but also in all other settings!

I felt supported and safe in the program, it was a space to ask the experts questions AND to share updates with like-minded women who are on the same 'bridge' journey.

I am never the same where I started 8 months ago. I have evolved further in my journey in Love and Light. My heart sings in Love and Gratitude!

~ Noshelle, canada

Within 5 months of following Sami's powerful work I had attracted my Soulmate Love!

Sami helped me to leave a toxic 5-year relationship with an emotionally unavailable man. Within 5 months of following her powerful work I had attracted my Soulmate Love - a wonderful, kind, chivalrous man who adores both my Daughter and I and treats me like a Queen.

5 months into dating, my Handsome Prince whisked me away and took me shopping for a ring! We will be moving into a brand new home together once we are Engaged, and we are planning a gorgeous baby after the wedding.

The private support of Sami and learning with my fellow Divas in the Inner Circle allowed me to fully navigate the pitfalls of dating and relationships, embody feminine energy, and do the critical healing inner work to attract the very Man I desired.

Thank you Sami for changing my life and helping me to attract the love and happiness I truely deserve - a life investment I will never regret!

~ dani, zambia

I'm making my good marriage, a GREAT marriage!

When I joined the Inner Circle early 2018, it wasn’t because my marriage was in trouble, or on the rocks. I had done some of Sami’s work before. My man had proposed to me in a wonderful way, we had gotten married without further delay, I was living a happy life with him and my precious daughter. So why did I still want to do more work with Sami?

Because sometimes we have 101 questions that cannot be addressed so easily with a self-study program.

I wanted to sometimes just pick Sami’s brain, and the Inner Circle was the perfect opportunity to have 6 whole months during which I could share the ups & downs in my marriage with Sami & her team of coaches - and LEARN from them. Learn how to make my good marriage a GREAT marriage.

I am so grateful to Sami and her team and the investment has been SO worth it.

~ nadia, singapore

I’m a lot happier in myself, overall!

After being in the Extraordinary LOVE Inner Circle, I have finally started dating again! I am enjoying receiving attention from men again, leaning back and having fun flirting. :) 

In work. I’ve taken some time back to make time for me. I’m no longer working in the evenings. I employed a PA to help me with my enquiries and a cleaner.

I have made some new friends and been on holiday with them, and I am having a lot more fun in my life.

Sami, your answers always make me go "WOW". I’m constantly amazed by your wisdom and I get it, I really get it when you explain! Love you, Sami Wunder, you are a star!

~ heather, united kingdom

Within 2 months, I was happily engaged and pregnant!

When I first met Sami, I thought my relationship was over, as well as my chances to have a baby - I was nearly 40. I joined the Inner Circle to continue to get Sami's expert guidance on the make-or-break situation I was in.

With Sami’s advice and the support of the group, my relationship turned around. My man started doing all he could to win me back. Within two months, I was now happily engaged and pregnant as well! And the best bit? I have heaps of self-worth, and I am proudly a diva in love! Thank you, Sami!

~ Kelly, United kingdom

My days are filed with joy!

When I joined Inner Circle I was shaking, because I knew my life was going to shift. I took the plunge and invested almost all my money in the program. Looking back, I am amazed at how different my life looks now. I started off jobless, insecure and heartbroken after a man disappeared on me.

Now I'm writing this sitting comfortably in my own apartment, where I live with the most incredible man, who showers me with love. My days are filled with joy. I have learned to connect with my feelings and own them for the first time in my life. I have learned to speak up. I have learned to step out of my comfort zone and challenge myself. I have learned to love my fear and not let it stop me. The rewards are endless. And of course, I loved sharing this journey with other women and growing together as sisters. There is something very powerful about having a sisterhood to rely on. Thank you, Sami, for making this possible, I owe this to you!


I just had the best Christmas and New Year!

Sami, I would like to thank you very much for your knowledge, teachings and wisdom, including the tough love you gave me. At the start, everything I learned was a big change for me and it felt a bit confusing, so going through your programs and having access to you in the Inner Circle was a big help.

My mindset around men and online dating started to change, and I found myself being transform slowly. I become confident, I know now what I want and what I do not want, what I put up with and what I don't tolerate easy. Dating became fun. One of my RD is being consistent and, for the first time in my life, I honestly don't feel any confusion, mixed signals and worries at all. I just had the best Christmas and New Year with him.

NATHALIE, united kingdom

Sami, I am engaged to the man of my dreams!

I have been following your dating system for over a year, and it’s not for the weak hearted. It really takes a lot of guts to show up in such a high-value way in the dating process, stick to our guns, not sleep with every man who comes our way or give him boyfriend status so easily. I rotational dated till the last moment, before the man I am seeing (and who I am so deeply in love with) put a ring on my finger and told me he wants to claim me forever. It’s the best feeling on the planet. We just shared the news with our families last night. I could never have done this without you. Thank you for all your help, Sami!

~ Lauren, United States // single to engaged //

Working with Sami, is the most valuable thing I could do for myself!

The first thing I thought after paying the subscription fees for Inner Circle was: "You must be totally crazy!" And yet, I don’t regret the investment one bit. It has been worth every penny. In fact, working with you, Sami, is the most valuable thing I could do for myself. You are teaching with pure honesty, compassion and love. And this was also the energy that was reflected within the group. What is amazing about the group coaching program is that I did not only learn from you, Sami, but also from everyone's journey. I couldn't thank you and all the IC ladies enough for such an amazing time. You all are special to me. This work taught me to take full ownership of my life with awareness, trust, more confidence and self-love.

~ Nadine, Germany

Life Changing Results, Yes?

And as you can imagine, everyone would want such results for themselves and want access to a program like the Extraordinary Love Inner Circle, where they can get regular expert support over a long period of time in their dating life, relationship or marriage, and make sure they have a safety net to turn to in critical and defining moments of their relationships or dating experiences.

The program maintains its exclusivity by being open ONLY to women who are motivated to do the work and have good energy.

I am extremely selective and SENSITIVE towards energy, and the way we maintain excellent, supportive, high-vibe energy in the group is by ensuring that all ladies who are allowed entry meet the following pre-requisites:

1. You are self-motivated and you take 100% responsibility for your results.

2. You do not expect to be mothered by your coaches, and can act on the advice given to you.

3. You want the good things in life – the ring, the marriage, the kids, more joy, wealth, a happier mindset and are willing to work towards it.

4. You are mostly self-aware and contribute good, curious, positive energy to the community

FULLFIL The Pre-Requisities?

HURRAH! Let's See How We Are Going To Get Phenomenal Results For You!

I fundamentally believe
that this work we do here is
all-encompassing and when a woman's consciousness rises to her magnificence and all that she is deserving of, her high vibration trickles to all aspects of her life
- more wealth, more travel, more joy, richer friendships
& of course, MORE LOVE!

Take a look at even more success stories to get an idea of what consistent, expert relationship advice from a world-class coach & her team can do for you! 

Watch more video testimonials here:

Is Not For You If:

  • You have no desire to have the good things in life.
  • You don't act on the advice given to you.
  • Your life is filled with drama and everyone else is to “blame” for it.
  • You are expecting, private, intensive support in a group coaching environment and you need more support than is laid out in the program. Please remember: Extraordinary Love is a practical group coaching program and not a replacement for deeper, intensive work in my masterminds or private coaching.

At the end of this page & still not sure
whether to dive in?

I hear you.

Every investment feels scary.
That's the biggest
block to growth.

And mostly, the fears boil down to two things:

1. Fear If I Will Get Results.

Well, here is what I have to say to this.

While I can't "guarantee" you anything, my track record with getting clients their transformation is unmatched in the industry – rings and marriages and babies and job promotions and saving break-ups and divorces.

And I don't do it for my clients, I just guide them. They are the real heroines because they are the ones doing the work.

So if you will do the work and follow the advice given to you, there is no reason why you shouldn’t get the results, like hundreds of my other clients have, by now.

2. Fear Of The Investment

Yes, this is where a lot of women get blocked.

Partly because they are not in the habit of investing in themselves and their growth (yes, you're investing in YOURSELF & YOUR JOY, NOT in me) and partly because we have a tendency to run for multiple "cheap offers" (even though they don’t often work) instead of committing ourselves fully to one big project and make it happen for ourselves.

In other words, you are worth that investment, every freaking penny of it and what you will get back in return, will deliver you ten times value than what you invested with.

The choice is yours. Get world class support and be supported in your journey and get results or be tired, overwhelmed, frustrated often and still try to do it by yourself and learn over years through trial and error.I hope you make the choice that brings YOU FORWARD and brings you forward NOW!

Look What Industry Experts Are Saying About My Work:

Sami, what can I say, I wanted you to help me with our event, but you stole the show! I personally listened to your audio on Feminine energy and I was mesmerized for the entire hour. What you do for women is simply priceless.

~ BOB GRANT, Professional Licensed Counsellor
- Author of The Woman Men Adore

In my field, I come across many “experts”, but Sami is the real deal. She absolutely walks her talk and has helped thousands of women transform their vulnerability into true strength. In this day and age, we need more women to fully step into their power, and we need more leaders like Sami who are paving the way to do so!



Sami is just amazing! From the moment I met her, I knew she was a superstar coach with super powers to help women everywhere! And she has proven to be even more powerful than I’d predicted: Sami’s truly transformational in the way she works with her clients – and in the way she IS herself ! She’s gentle and kind, yet firm and knowing – and so very, very skilled. She commits herself to you totally, and you can feel how much she cares about you personally. Her own love story and blissful marriage is a powerful illustration for the results she can get for you in your own love life, very quickly.

  ~ Rori Raye, Business Guru, Author, Relationship Coach


The results Sami's clients get are truly incredible. I've met alot of Love & Relationship Coaches but I've yet to meet a coach that gets her clients such fast results. The number of proposals her clients have had just in this year is remarkable - her stuff really works! I've referred many of my girlfriends to Sami's FB group and website and highly recommend anyone needing help in love to follow her closely..

~ Jessica Nazarali, Host and Founder of It Girl Academy & It Girl Radio

Virginia Clark

Sami Wunder is a force of nature! She's a master at successfully leading her clients through the difficult and frustrating challenges of dating and relationships. She’s open-hearted and personally committed to helping each women find their true partner. Her life is an example of what she teaches and her authenticity is undeniable. Sami is a woman who’s changing lives and I predict will be making a huge impact on the world.

~ Virginia Clark, Relationship Coach

I hope you make the choice that brings YOU
FORWARD & brings you forward NOW!