Hi there beautiful lady,

Each year, several of my private clients, readers and followers find the relationship of their dreams, get engaged, or married as part of doing the Wunder work. Then there are those happy wives and girlfriends who find back their lost voice, lost love and lost happiness in their relationships and marriages.

Below you will find testimonials from the many women whose lives have changed through this work, forever. On the left, a very happy me at a dear client's wedding in California.

Here's to YOUR success in love,


Sami, I have some news! I AM ENGAGED!!!!!

What felt like an impossible dream just some months ago has come true!

I am beyond happy, grateful and so touched with this special moment in my life! Thank you, Sami Wunder, for showing up in my life, and helping me have my dream relationship and making it all a reality for me!

Sami really knows how to work her magic! Now I feel so loved and adored by my man, and can't hide the sparkle in my smile like the sparkle in my ring!



I am engaged to be married and wear a Tiffany ring on my finger!

Sami helped me turn around my masculine energy habits into those of a feminine goddess. A few months and rotational dating later, I am engaged to be married and wear a Tiffany ring on my finger.

Deciding to work privately with Sami was one of the best decisions of my life.

Thank you, Sami for a new mind, new heart, a loving man and more than anything else, new, happy, me!



I got married a week ago to the man of my dreams

There is a reason why this lady is called Sami Wunder! Because she actually makes wonders happen in your life.

I feel so privileged to have been one of Sami´s private clients. Her coaching made the biggest difference to my life. I got married a week ago to the man of my dreams, and nobody can change the fact that it was Sami who made it happen.

I still have to pinch myself on how beautifully and how fast my life has changed with Sami´s work on feminine energy! Thank you Sami for everything you did for me. I will remain forever indebted to you.



Within 3 months I attracted and got engaged to the man of my dreams!

As a single mother raising a son and putting him through College in the United States, I was initially hesitant to invest such large sums of money in Sami´s materials.

However, Sami´s philosophy that when we invest in ourselves, our commitment to our goals increases is so true. I did dive in and I was rewarded beyond my wildest dreams.

I followed Sami´s methods and within 3 months I attracted and got engaged to the man of my dreams. We are getting married on Laguna Beach this September and I am so excited that Sami will be there for my big day.

Thank you Sami, over and over again for how you changed my life. I will be forever grateful to you.



I now truly believe that I am worthy and will have my dream relationship

I started working with Sami Wunder under a year ago as a private client. Sami met me where I was. I used to be an over-giver and 100% in masculine energy pretty much in all areas of my life. Over the last months, I have had several breakthroughs in my love life, with family relationships and within my work and even business!

My BIGGEST breakthrough is probably that I now truly BELIEVE that I am worthy and will have my dream relationship. We're just half way through the mastermind and so many high quality men are already flocking me. I am loving being courted and staying in my feminine.
As a modern woman, chances are you are suffering from imbalance in your life just like I was; the answer is here and it is Sami Wunder!

Don't delay starting with this any longer no matter what age you are. I started this specific work in my early 40's and I know women who work with Sami and who get engaged in their 50's and 60's.



I am engaged to be married to the man of my dreams!

A year ago when I came to Sami as a private client, I was single, broken and hurting in my relationships. Today, I am engaged to be married to the man of my dreams and everything feels so easy.

The investment that I made in Sami's coaching was nothing compared to what I have gained in in return my life - marriage and my soulmate! I would recommend Sami to all women looking to find their soulmate, who believe they are absolutely ready to receive love.



I am engaged to a man who treats me like a Queen!

I’ve been divorced for more than 5 years and picked up a lot of bad relationship habits along the way. When I decided, I was ready to settle down and become serious, I had no clue where to begin. This is when I found Sami’s website and started following her teachings about dating in feminine energy through her tools and programs.

Her work is such a real opener and made such a huge difference to the way I was dating and relating with men. I have learnt so much from Sami and her work and applying her tools gave me very quick results with men.

Fast forward to today, 6 months later, I am engaged to a man who treats me like a queen and Sami has a huge part to play in this. Thank you Sami.



I am engaged and my fiancé treats me like his queen!

Mine was a common story of a broken heart from a man I loved. It brought me to Sami, as I felt lost, hurt and confused if I´d ever be able to have my dream relationship.

A few months into doing her tools, I am engaged and my fiancé treats me like his queen. I’m so happy to find Sami. I plan to continue doing Sami´s work to make sure my fairytale last forever.
I couldn’t have every thing I have right now without Sami: inner peace, a charming fiancé and going-to-be-my-husband and a happy life that I could only dream of.

Can’t thank you enough, Sami, for your magical work and the tools you give us women!



I am engaged to a man who adores me!

My breaking point, that brought me to Sami Wunder, came when the man I was dating called me one day and told me that he no longer wanted to see me.

Of course, that hurt very much, but there was something else that he said to me that cut the deepest. He told me that I was like “one of the guys, that I wasn’t what he considered “girlfriend or wife material.” Wow, that really hurt. I thought, “Why in the world would he say that?”

I had always taken pride in being very feminine. I wore stylish dresses and clothing, 6 inch heels, have my hair styled and my nails done every month. What did he mean by “one of the guys”?

Needless to say, between then and now and with Sami´s tools, I am a changed woman, a transformed person AND I am engaged to a man who adores me.

We are getting married in just a few short weeks. Sami´s coaching and knowledge around relationships is life changing. It truly works. Thank you Sami for what you do for us.


What Industry Experts Are Saying About Sami


Sami, what can I say, I wanted you to help me with our event, but you stole the show! I personally listened to your audio on Feminine energy and I was mesmerized for the entire hour. What you do for women is simply priceless.



Sami is just amazing! From the moment I met her, I knew she was a superstar coach with super powers to help women everywhere! And she has proven to be even more powerful than I’d predicted: Sami’s truly transformational in the way she works with her clients – and in the way she IS herself ! She’s gentle and kind, yet firm and knowing – and so very, very skilled. She commits herself to you totally, and you can feel how much she cares about you personally. Her own love story and blissful marriage is a powerful illustration for the results she can get for you in your own love life, very quickly.



The results Sami's clients get are truly incredible. I've met alot of Love & Relationship Coaches but I've yet to meet a coach that gets her clients such fast results. The number of proposals her clients have had just in this year is remarkable - her stuff really works! I've referred many of my girlfriends to Sami's FB group and website and highly recommend anyone needing help in love to follow her closely..



To come across a woman like Sami is rare. She has a deep passion for the work she does and it´s evident in the phenomenal results she gets for her clients. Her work changes lives, brings more love to the world, and turns women into extraordinary women, lovers, wives and leaders. I have had a privilege to see Sami's coaching business grow exponentially and she deserves every bit of success. And women who desire to be fiercely loved in their relationships, deserve to have Sami's genius in their lives.



Sami's approach is unique, inspiring and life-changing. I am so happy to refer my clients and friends to her - she is my go-to girl for anyone in a relationship or dating! She gets results for her clients and her coaching is built on the most beautiful self-love and self-growth. I haven't seen anything else like it and the way she coaches is supportive, direct and powerful. She's your number one fan in your love life! I'm so proud to know Sami and her work.



Sami Wunder is a force of nature! She's a master at successfully leading her clients through the difficult and frustrating challenges of dating and relationships. She’s open-hearted and personally committed to helping each women find their true partner. Her life is an example of what she teaches and her authenticity is undeniable. Sami is a woman who’s changing lives and I predict will be making a huge impact on the world.


See What Some More Of My Clients Are Saying

Within four sessions I achieved with Sami what four years of therapy had not achieved!

Sami is the missing piece in the puzzle of a journey that I had embarked upon a while ago and an absolutely beautiful, smart, capable coach as a piece of puzzle she is ! The sessions with Sami are no chit-chat because she focuses on moving you forward from your stuck places. I look forward to achieving many more breakthroughs with her. Cannot thank her enough for being on this journey with me.

- Judith, Greenland

Sami, had I not found you, I would have been single forever.

It is only after working with Sami that I realized how many negative habits and beliefs I had developed towards love and men. She has helped me tremendously in getting over what was not serving me and in realizing that it´s still not too late to be loved like I want to be. People are noting a difference in my energy wherever I go, I am back in the dating scene after a break of 10 years and have never felt better before. Thank you Sami. Love you!

Sandra, Dubai, U.A.E.

There is a reason why this girl is called Sami Wunder! Because she actually makes wonders happen.

Yes people, you heard me right! There is magic in this girl and all she does is just tap her wand and make magic in your life. Yes! It is as simple as that. My coach, my mentor, my guide- I’ll remain indebted to you all my life for introducing me to LIFE.

So here’s my story.

I have known Sami all my life but this time around I approached her with a certain aim. Sami was doing something really interesting-she was helping women in distress, helping them to shine and recognise their true self. I too was distraught, lost in this journey of life, having been trampled by men left, right and centre and sadly through no fault of mine. I was confused, I was paranoid, I was clueless, I did not understand what was happening in my life. I had reached a stage where I had started blaming myself. And it was then that Sami came as a saviour in my life. She taught me the wonders of feminine energy, she helped me emote, she helped me express, she gave a voice to my feelings and she made ME LOVE MYSELF.

All you people, let me tell you a secret I wasn’t wrong all this while but yes I was doing it all wrong. Sami taught me that relationships are beautiful, relationships are what make us who we are so why shouldn’t we do them right! All her wonder tools, her coaching, her enthusiasm, her perseverance, her ceaseless passion actually made wonders happen in my life. I got married a week ago to the Man of my Dreams and nobody can change the fact that it was SAMI who made it all happen.

Let me tell you some more- you write to Sami any random story, you write to her about your silliest botherations under the sun and this girl will put up with all of this so patiently and earnestly that you will feel you have found a friend for life. Sami made me flow like a river, she put me in touch with my inner self, she made me shed my inhibitions, she made me FIND MYSELF.

Thank you Sami for being my guardian angel, thank you for all that you’ve done for me. I love you to the moon and back and I pray with all my heart that all those women out there can benefit from your knowledge about life.

Sami, you are a true embodiment of what you teach us women to be – Soft on the outside, strong on the outside.

I cannot thank you enough for how patiently and lovingly you have handled me in my hard time. I feel loved, safe and secure in your presence and don’t feel judged at all.

Thanks to you, my self-esteem is slowly returning and I am beginning to believe – There is love for me too! You are the best friend and coach any woman can have. Thank you for everything!

- Emelie, Dublin, Ireland

Within the first free discovery session with Sami itself, I learnt how I was doing so many wrong things to push my husband away. I could never have thought that calling him to check on him or helping him with his job troubles was actually reducing his attraction towards me as a woman. Whoa !!

Sami´s energy is so fantastic. She pulled me out of my dullness and inspired me to go full on for the closeness I have always desired in my marriage but could not figure out how to have.

My husband tells me I am changed woman. He doesn't know what I am doing but its great he says. Lol Thank you SO much Sami. I cannot believe how you managed all this in 6 Skype sessions.

Your work is a life-saver for any woman who wants to be adored in her relationship. You are my coach for life.

- Michelle, New York, U.S.A.

Sami has the energy of such a Goddess. Seeing her I feel inspired to be the same way.

She was patient in understanding my problems with dating and working with her has forced me to re- evaluate my ways of being and my perspective. She holds your hand gently and takes you on a journey at the end of which you find your dreams coming true. What I love most about her is her gentleness and genuine concern with one´s situation.

In just 8 weeks of private coaching, I felt such a difference in my self-esteem and understood how attraction works with men.

I now have a loving and amazing man in my life that I am I am looking forward to marrying! She always ‘gets you”, she gets on board with you and makes your dreams come alive. I am a better woman because of her today..

Hire her and you will be glad you did. Thank you Sami for being there for me.

- Kate, California, U.S.A.

I love my husband but he used to be so inattentive. I felt neglected and like I am not important in his life. After working with Sami I realize that I had to be important first to me. I feel amazing after working with her, like a fresh and new woman all together.

And I have ALL his attention now, I am totally the apple of his eye. It feels so great.

All this happened within 4 sessions with Sami.

You are so effective and you have no idea how much your help turned my married life around. Thank you Sami.

- Alvera, Geneva, Switzerland

After our session I feel kindness from you. I feel heard. Thank you.

Also it was sooo helpful to have clarity on my next steps in dating. Navigating this had lost its fun!!! But now that I have your guidance I have things to practice!! :-))

You are a warm, beautiful and powerful coach!! Thank you SO MUCH for your help.

- Clara, Michigan, U.S.A.

Sami, thank you for teaching such wonderful tools to me.

Within the 5 Skype sessions, you completely shifted my energy and as you know, I am now engaged to be MARRIED!

Thanks for removing my judgement around men and my blocks towards receiving love. When I started doing your tools, I noticed an immediate difference around me in terms of the interactions with men.

I feel more in touch with my inner world than I have ever been. So a big big thank you to you. You make me feel powerful. I am trying to use these tools a lot more in my day to day interactions and I’m sure the more I use them, the more powerful and empowered they’ll make me feel. Your lessons are a blessing for me and I appreciate your efforts and valuable pieces of advice.

Thank you for being on this journey with me. I feel so glad to know that I can always turn to you for help.