You could continue feeling the same butterflies in your stomach that you first felt when you dated him?


You could feel 100% secure, happy and loved in your current relationship no matter how things look right now?


You could just intuitively "know" what's going on with your man and bring your relationship back on track instead of guessing or "stressing" about what he's thinking?


You knew how to inspire his affection to flow towards you not only during the good times but also during the arguments and conflict?

Would feel amazing, yes?

And I want to tell you, it's possible and it doesn't have to take years of trial and error, confusion, struggle, fighting and heartbreak for you to figure things out.

Once you know how men and relationships really work, you can literally heartbreak-proof your relationship now and forever and start enjoying all the good offerings of a loving relationship - laughter, togetherness, great sex, emotional intimacy and support.

You can live your "daily" happily ever after with your wonderful man, just like I do today.

Soulmates Forever is my advanced signature program for married women and women in committed relationships.

It is the only place where I give you access to the inside scoop on what makes a relationship and his heart tick not just for "now" but forever.

It is the only place where I give you access to the inside secrets that keep my own marriage so fun, passionate, alive and ever growing in love and intimacy.

"When I stumbled upon Sami, I had just started a new serious relationship, after divorce. My boyfriend (now husband) was completely devoted to me, but I was completely paranoid about the same thing happening to this relationship as it had with my failed marriage.

I was desperate for a resource to guide me. And I have to say that Soulmates Forever is EXACTLY THAT. The biggest learnings for me were the Slow Poisons and the oh-so-delicate balance in leaning back & initiating in a committed relationship.

After my divorce, I thought that all relationships started amazingly but will inevitably deteriorate as couples lose attraction for one another. But after doing this life-changing program, I know that you can keep the spark alive just by knowing what keeps ROMANTIC attraction alive for a man.

Today I am a happily married client of Sami's, and I highly recommend this program for all women in relationships and married women!"

~ Nadia, Singapore

"This is such an amazing program! I started doing it already while I was dating, because I wanted to learn more and become aware of the behaviors that, although unintentional, damage our love relationships.

Now, I am married to a man that adores me and does everything for me. I told him "Thank you for doing everything I can do myself", and this meant so much to him. He started puffing and huffing!

I have the marriage of my dreams thanks to Sami! So please Divas, do yourself a favor and invest in yourself and learn, because only knowing better we can do better.

Sami, I will be forever thankful for everything you do to help us women! "

~ Carla, United States

"This program is packed with so much amazing information!

I am single and rotational dating, but this program has so many huge benefits for me - it is preparing me for when one day I will be in a lifetime relationship, it allows me to clearly see things I could have done differently in prior relationships (so I will do better going forward).

Many things I've learned in this program I can actually apply currently with the man I've been dating almost 7 months.

Sami's teachings and tools in the program give so much that will help create an amazing relationship!"

Update: Since sharing this in November 2016, Debbie has been in a healthy, happy, amazing committed relationship just like she predicted.

~ Debbie, United States

Here's the thing - most relationships start off great. We have his attention, he cares about making us happy, he cares about how we feel and we feel like we've found the one.

However, as time passes, things start to shift. He gets less and less attentive, the fights and arguments increase, the sex dries up and we feel taken for-granted.

I've been there myself. I know how hard it feels to be stuck in that downward spiral and watch our relationship die a slow death and not know how to bring it back on track.

However - here's the good news.

With the tools and skills you will learn in this advanced program Soulmates Forever, you will never be in that situation again.

Before things turn "really bad," you will already be able to recognize what's going on in your relationship, you will be able to shift your energy and bring things back on track.

My intention is to empower you to such a level that you start to be the emotional expert of your own relationship.

Here's how I will make this happen:

Week 1 - Understand Romantic Relationships & Heartbreak-Proof Your Relationship

In this foundational week, you will learn how understanding the interplay of masculine and feminine energies will heart break proof your relationship forever. Once you become aware of this amazing foundation on which romantic relationships thrive, there will be no going back.

Your man will start to feel predictable to you, you will start to see the great benefits of being in your feminine energy around him and you will understand exactly how the energetic flow works between you and him and how to set it right, if things are feeling off.

Week 2 - Slow Poison- Stopping Behaviours That Kill His Love

This is a powerful week where I show you how some of the behaviours that we women do in our relationships and find "harmless" are actually very damaging to our man's attraction for us.

I call these behaviours slow poison because if you keep doing them, you literally risk killing your relationship and his attraction for you without even knowing what happened.

These are the behaviours that make him disappear on you, withdraw from you, go see another woman (I know it hurts but it happens) while you stand there feeling clueless on why he just doesn't get what you want and why can't he be a good husband or boyfriend.

Week 3 - Communication Magic

Well, let me be direct here - if you want a relationship to last, you have to learn to communicate with your partner. There can be no great relationship between two people who don't know how to talk to each other.

And words have a lot of power!

Use them right and you can inspire him to bring you the moon (magic!) but use them wrong and you're caught in an ego battle, a power struggle where there's lots of yelling and no constructive outcome.

In this week I will teach you how to talk to your man from a feminine, non competitive place. We will address expressing unmet needs and how to get him to open up and bond more emotionally with you. We will also learn how to deal with our emotional triggers in his presence.

Week 4 - The Yummy Stuff - Sex & Romance

Sex is such a huge component to a satisfying, happy, lasting relationship and as a feminine woman, you have a lot of power in this department. We will uncover this power together and understand what sex means to a man.

We will learn how to keep things hot and fun in bed, how to keep the spark alive and what to do when the spark is gone.

I will also give you several tips on what inspires men to stay "romantic" in the relationship and the sub-conscious triggers that turn him on. It's the week where he asks us out on dates again and brings us flowers. All the good feeling stuff!

Week 5 - Being A Team

This week's mantra is - "We're in this together."

If you have ever stood in the house and felt alone doing everything by yourself, you will know exactly why "being a team" is important in the relationship.

In this week we take a hands-on look at the logistics of happy, committed relationships - dividing household chores, dealing with finances, bringing up kids and dealing with in-laws.

This week is all about handling with feminine ease and grace the "real" topics in real relationships so that none of those daily life challenges can throw you off balance again.

And all of this for just 397 Euros

"I could write Sami Wunder a testimonial of a 1000 words.

I found Sami in a moment when I thought that, if this didn't help either, I was ready to end my marriage of 20 years.

This woman saved my marriage and made it turn into this loving, supportive, amazing relationship. I haven't felt so close to my husband in years.

I will be forever indebted to you, Sami."

~ Amy, United States

"When I came to Sami, I felt lost. I knew how to attract a man and have a boyfriend, but it was always as far as it went. They didn’t want to commit to me fully, and I would just break things off out of frustration, after years of waiting.

I didn’t want this to happen with my current man, so this time I sought help.

And guess what? After 5 months of starting to coach with Sami, he proposed. I’m happily engaged now, and I can’t believe how FAST things turned around.

Sami, you basically made my life exactly the way I wanted it to be. Thank you! It was worth every penny!"

~ Shahrzad, United States

So what are you waiting for?

You can have the love you want.

You can effortlessly create your happily ever after and you can just relax in the safety of his love and your beautiful relationship.

If you're smart, motivated and determined to figure this out and be your own "expert" in your relationship, I promise you that this program will make you unstoppable in love.

You can do this and I can't wait to help you.

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