VIP Inner Circle is my exclusive, all-year-round support program, for my former private clients who are advanced in my work and desire to keep getting continued support and laser focused coaching from me in their journeys, without paying my high-end, one-on-one, private coaching fees.

VIP Inner Circle gives them just that - a safety net to fall back on for one whole year, at an affordable rate!

It is a dynamic live group coaching program, where we come together and get answers to anything and everything that feels challenging for us.

Inner Circle has amazing energy, because it has a very select number of highly motivated women who take their lives, their relationships, their goals and most of all THEMSELVES seriously. 

The program maintains its exclusivity by remaining an invite-only program and not being open to the public on my website.


For the very first time, I have decided to open the doors to my VIP Inner Circle to the participants of Date Like A Divaexclusively.

Date Like A Diva has been an extensive group coaching experience, where you saw first hand the power of this work and the power of a support group. Women are exploding with joy, possibility and excitement for what awaits them in their love life and have learnt amazing new tools that will empower them foreever with men, starting now.That's life changing stuff right there.

I feel proud to say that I have equipped you with some very fundamental and compelling tools of my work, which will slowly but steadily transform your inner world and your relationships with men.

And this is why I feel that you are ready to enter my Inner Circle!

You will need support to continue this journey that you have started on and I want to be there for you.

Hence, the doors of my Inner Circle and private support from me are open for you.

It's a once in a year opportunity that I am presenting you to be part of my VIP, most exclusive group of women for a full year.


Have a dating issue? Bring it to the Inner Circle.

Have an unresolved limiting belief? Bring it to the Inner Circle.

Looking to start dating and need some motivation and guidance? Bring your situation to the Inner Circle.

In this highly personalized group coaching experience, I will be coaching and helping each and every one of you with your questions, issues, challenges and struggles.

The coaching call does not end till I have resolved all your questions and doubts.


  • You need to be familiar with my programs and tools already, whether you are single, dating or married, or starting over.
  • You should have a deep desire to continue implementing this work in your relationships and love life and for your own well-being and long-term happiness.
  • You should be willing to commit time once a month for live coaching with me. Exact dates will be provided.
  • You feel you are deserving of getting support in the achievement of your goals and continuing this work.
  • You are willing to invest in yourself - time, money, energy, effort.

"Working with Sami privately was 100% essential to my growth. I think it is the main reason I have moved through so many detrimental behaviors so quickly. I don't recognize this woman I am today and yet at the same time I recognize myself for real for the first time.

Yes, the work itself was challenging, and I would not have been able to handle the pain and sit in it without personal support. I wanted to make permanent and steady changes - no waffling.

Dedicating my energy, time AND a significant amount of money really "locked" me into the positive momentum. Something about putting my resources on the line kept me close to the work in those slippery moments when I really felt tempted to slip back into old self-defeating behavior.

The investment was a symbol to myself that I mean business this time. I never thought I could put myself first this way!

But now I can honestly say it is not possible to even put a price on what I have received. I don't think Sami could even charge enough - this work is priceless."

Jenny, USA.

"Sami, I have some news! I AM ENGAGED!!!!! What felt like an impossible dream just some months ago has finally come true! I am beyond happy, grateful and so touched with this special moment in my life!

Thank you, Sami Wunder, for showing up in my life, and helping me have my dream relationship and making it all a reality for me! When I went to Sami for private coaching in October 2015, feeling sad and resentful at the state of my relationship, I did not know that my whole love life, my man, my relationship would turn around so FAST and so miraculously, all within a year.

Sami really knows what she's doing!"

Lisa, USA


Just think of what could happen in a YEAR's time.

You could decide to move countries.

You could change your job.

You could dump your boyfriend and focus on healing and loving yourself.

You could meet a great man and get engaged!

You could decide to give your marriage your best shot.

You could completely revamp and revitalize your existing relationship with your man.

You could decide to have a baby AND become a mother within a year.

If you have a baby, he or she would be one year old at the end of it.

So much could happen in a year - it's a hell lot of time, and a hell lot of value you will get by being a part of my Inner Circle of women - where I will literally guide you, cheer for you, support you on your forward journey no matter where you may be right now.

As a part of this exclusive circle, I will always have your back, you will always have a safe and reliable place to return to for any kind of advice and support you may need - life or love!


Sami's Got Your Back For A Whole Year!

12 Live, Monthly Group Coaching Calls With Sami For Year-Round Support With Your Life & Relationships.

Talk to Sami directly and get all your questions answered. I will stay on the call till I have answered and coached each one of you.

For Urgent Questions, An Exclusive Private Facebook Group

Private Facebook Support Group With Regular Support From Sami During Weekly "Office" Hours.

And - as often as I can come in, schedule permitting

Amazing Diva Sisterhood Support For You

A Group Environment That Won't Let You Fail Or Feel Alone No Matter What.

Get regular support from your fellow diva sisters on the support group and learn first hand from my private clients, the creme de creme ladies who know my private coaching tools.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can join?

Single, married, in a relationship, out of one, looking to start a new one, divorced or just needing general direction / guidance on life and its issues. Theoretically, everyone is welcome to join as long as you are a part of Date Like A Diva or a former private coaching client.

Having said that, there are very few seats, so not everyone who wants to join will be able to get in. We will make it first come, first serve.

How is this different from your mastermind Leap Into Love starting in March, 2017?

Glad you asked. Leap Into Love is only for single women. So women in relationships / married women cannot participate in Leap Into Love.

Women in relationships and married woman only have this Inner Circle as a way of working closely with me next year.

Plus, Leap Into Love is a very intensive program, with lots of deep inner work to help these women open their hearts to love and bring the right man in. That's not what we're doing at the Inner Circle.

Inner Circle is more advice giving, direction giving, guidance giving, quick coaching on particular issues. It is not a heavy duty "training" program like the mastermind, which is also much higher money and time investment.

How is this different from private coaching? 

My experience with my private clients has shown me how it takes a huge commitment of time, money and energy to get steady and long-lasting changes that transform our lives and relationships.

Thanks to the amazing results my clients have been getting (proposals, saved marriages, a whole new level of self-confidence and self-love), the demand for my private services has increased hugely in the last months. This has caused an increase in my one-on-one private coaching rates.

I realize that not everyone can afford private coaching at my current prices but I still feel a burning desire to help more women in their journeys. Inner Circle is my way of making myself available to more inspired ladies at an affordable rate over a long duration of time. You won't have private access to me like my private coaching clients have, but you will still get a whole year of live support on coaching calls with me, plus support on the group and of the group.

It's TONNES of value at that price.

How often will be the group coaching calls? 

Once a month. I would need your commitment to show up live just ONE day of the month. Should be possible if you're motivated, right?

Is there a time limit to the group calls?

No, I will stay on the call until I make sure all your doubts and questions are clarified.

Can I expect personal attention?

Hell yes!

That is why the group is small - because I want to ensure personal attention to everyone. I will always make sure that your burning questions / clarifications / needs are met.

Will I coach you individually for 45 minutes on a group call? Probably not.

This is a group coaching program, and believe me when I say that you will learn tonnes from the experiences of other women on it too (who are all very smart and aware, by the way).

How often will you be on the support group to help us?

I will definitely be on the group during my weekly designated "office hours." That is guaranteed. Apart from that, as often as my schedule permits. I love to help you!

Don't forget, you will still have a full year's support from your diva sisters as well.

Can I get a discount?

At the price I am offering this program, I do not offer discounts.

What if I cannot make it live to a monthly call?

You can send me your questions in advance and I will answer it on the call. All calls are recorded so you won't miss anything per se.

Is there a payment plan?

Yes. It's 3000 euros for one-off payment, OR 600 euros monthly payments over 6 months. A full year's support - quite a no-brainer I made it, yes?

You're welcome.

When does it start? 

It starts February, 2017 and ends January, 2018.


Exact dates will be sent to you once you've signed up.

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