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Hi, I am Sami Wunder, an Indian born - Germany made girl with really big dreams in career and love!


Today a leading, global dating and relationship expert with over 118 client marriages to my name, author, CEO with a 7 figure company and a blissful marriage with husband Chris who adores the ground I walk on…

I am the woman who has her dream love story without compromising on her success and I show other phenomenal women, how to do the same.


And yet, just a few years back, I couldn't sustain a man in my life for more than 3 weeks…

Sounds funny to say it today 🙂 but it wasn't funny back then at all!!

My Master degree in Public Policy from a top University in Germany and my BA. Honors in Economics from India's best college in Economics and Commerce also didn't help to resolve this private dilemma of my life…

At age 19, I was awarded the prestigious, fully funded, S.U.S.I. scholarship from the State Department of the United States.

At age 22, I was presenting papers on social capital at Columbia University but my love life and inner world looked the opposite of the glory and confidence you saw on the outside.

Project Dating


I've seen it all when it comes to project smart woman dating and failing!!!

  • The man who fizzles out on you after making you feel like a queen on your dates… Why did he disappear?

  • The handsome hottie who keeps texting you but doesn’t ask you out…What does he want?

  • The hot and cold man who is hardly ever available but when he is, the connection and dates feel electric and you can´t help wanting him more… Where is this going to lead you? 😉

  • The man who sees you intensely for 3 months and then informs you that he isn’t feeling it for you. What does that “not feeling it” even mean? Duh.

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that while professional success felt easy for me to achieve and I could have whatever I set my eyes on, success in my love life eluded me.


The Girl Who Had Everything Except Romantic Love…


In some sense, as a young woman, you could say I had it all except the keys to lasting romantic love.

A good job in the international development sector, friends, a vibrant social circle, yoga, self-help books, healthy eating, solo global travel….

Success in my love life and with men was the only missing piece in my otherwise happy girl, near perfect life.

In fact, it eluded me up to a point where I started to think that something was wrong with me and may be my professional success and intelligence were the problem…

That men my age were intimidated by a woman like me…

And yet here I was, knowing so fundamentally, that I couldn’t and didn´t want to tone down that part of me that was intelligent, driven, ambitious in order to have my dream relationship…

I was convinced that even if I did not know how, there had to be a way to bring in my dream love story while being fully loved for the driven woman I inherently was.

The Breakdown Before The Breakthrough

The trial and error with men continued but it wasn't until a man who I thought was “my one,” a charming New York lawyer, that dumped me after 2 months of intense dating, that sorting out the love department of my life became my number 1 priority.

The pain was intense and it was scary to face the reality of my situation.

It suddenly hit me like a ton of bricks that if I didn’t do something about it, my dream of being happily married and a momma to two little ones may never come true.


Whoa! That is serious!

I remember him explicitly telling me that it wasn’t my external strength that intimidated him as I would have liked to believe.

He loved the intelligent, kick-ass woman part of me.

It was my lack of connection with my own heart that prevented him from falling in love with me.

“WHATEVER THAT MEANS,” was my first, hurt, angry reaction.

The second one, thankfully, was to dive right into studying romantic relationships, men, attraction, self-esteem and all those jazzy words that my ego had previously not cared to give a damn about.

Long story short, the messages I learnt on the way, changed my life.

Not only did I figure out where I was going wrong, I turned my behaviours around by an entire 180.

  • I went from being the girl who lost men in 10 days to being the girl who had high quality men chasing her and begging her for her time and attention.

  • I wasn't turned off anymore by men who treated me well. They started to turn me on.

  • I was the girl men were talking about and noticing, in a good way. 😉

  • Within 9 months, I had attracted, dated and gotten engaged to my husband Christopher while rotational dating (NOT rotational sleeping) other high quality men.

Rotational dating is a powerful dating method I teach my clients who don't want to leap over many boyfriends before they get a forever commitment. You will learn about it when you do one of my programs or work with us.


The Love Story


Christopher and I had three grand weddings (YES)

The first one in Denmark in 2013, the second one in India with Hindu rituals and rights at the gorgeous Taj Palace hotel and the third one by the Baltic sea on the German island of Rugen with Christian rituals.

In 2016, our son Aaron was born and my life and joy came a full circle.

We're in the 6th year of our marriage, moved into our own grand home and I am living the life I had only once imagined in my dreams.

Thanks to this work that I teach today, I am able to sustain this love in my life without sabotaging it, something I used to be SO good at before 😉

He's a practicing Christian and I am a devote Hindu, our mother tongues are different and so are our cultures and no, none of that matters when you have a devout foundation of love on which you build your relationship.

The Sami Wunder Brand


This heart-centred company, on whose website page you are on, was born when I realized that I wasn’t the only strong and successful woman struggling in love.

There are millions like me, millions like you out there, brilliant, gorgeous, phenomenal women, desiring to bring in their dream love and not sure how to create it or sustain it (yes, I help married women and women in relationships as well)…


Our philosophy at Sami Wunder is two-fold:

1. You can create amazing love by learning the SKILLS to healthy relationships.

2. You can have both love and professional success and you don't have to choose between the two.

In 2016, I decided to give up my career in international development and officially studied to become a relationship coach.

I knew it in my heart that I had found my life's gift

It was a brave decision because nobody had heard of the term "love coach" back in my family and everyone thought I had gone nuts, given what a brilliant student in Economics I had been!

Nevertheless, I believed in my gift and trained with top level relationship gurus in the industry and set up this company.

Today we are dedicated to serving professional women from all over the world, not fully in touch with their feminine power and not yet realizing just how much influence they have over men. 😉

Our Results & Rapid Rise


The company grew to multiple 6 figures within a year, thanks to the rapid and results I was helping my clients create.

By mid 2017, we had over 95 recorded client engagements and over 60 saved marriages and my work received mentions from the Time Magazine, Forbes Magazine and Huffington Post.

Both the Daily Mail and BBC London hailed Sami Wunder as the “Get The Ring Coach” and UK National Television show, the Wright Stuff, was intrigued by my bold dating methods that empowered women who have been girlfriends for years and waiting on the man to give them a ring.

Fast forward to 2018, we are at 118 client engagements and counting and a seven figure company with an outreach to over 50,000 professional women from 40 plus countries across the globe and expanding.

You Can Be A Success Story Too


When you work with us or one of my programs, we get you results like –

  • Break toxic relationship patterns that make you choose the same kind of man over and over again (and it goes nowhere!) and help you attract a healthy relationship.

  • Revamp your inner confidence and help you feel like the prize in love and around men.

  • Help you breakthrough your intimacy fears and understand why you push all good men men away and how to stop doing it!

  • Turn you from an over-giver good girl into a diva that men want to give to …

  • Go from receiving scanty attention from men to being every high caliber man's muse and be the woman they can't get enough of…

  • Have choices in love and pick the best man for you, on your terms and in a way that feels good to you.

  • Learn how to embody power of your feminine energy in your dating and relationship and mesmerize your man.

  • Learn how to express your emotional self so as to captivate your man´s heart and not have triggered emotional outbursts of insecurity, jealousy and control.

Here's how you can get started -


1. Book a complimentary assessment call to speak with one of my team members and let them advice you on the kind of support suitable for you, given your needs and struggles.

Book your call here 🙂

2. Start with an instantly downloadable program to get acquainted with my work and its fundamental principles:

For the single divas, begin with Attract Your Soulmate, my rave reviewed audio program working on both the spiritual and worldly aspects of soulmate attraction.

You can read more about it here.

For the married divas and women in relationships, start with Soulmates Forever, that gives you the insider view into the secrets of my happy marriage, managing conflict, finances, sex and emotional communication.

It is amazing and yes I love it. Go here and check it out.


Final Love Note

A lot of the times journalists and even my clients ask me after reading my story – “Sami, if you had just one tip for the amazing woman who is struggling in her love life right now, what would it be?”

Well here it and I'd like to end with it -

“Nothing is wrong with you. You just don't have the skills needed to succeed at love and that´s okay because I didn’t either. The good news is that you can actively learn them. When you do, you will succeed

So don't leave your love life to fate, chance or God. Take it in your hands and make it happen. Learn the skills. Start today.”

Looking forward to connecting with you. Book a complimentary assessment call here and see you succeed in love, you beautiful woman.

Sami Wunder