Doors Open: ELEVATE – Next Level Love Inner Circle

The time has come!!! I am so pumped to announce with this email, that the doors to ELEVATE: Next Level Love, my 6-month group coaching program (popularly called my Inner Circle) are now OPEN for intake, and there’s a fast action bonus to grab for the next 48 hours!!!

next level love

Even in these times, I, relationship expert Sami Wunder, believe with all my heart and with full conviction:

  • In Soulmate love… (I found mine after a lot of trial & error, but I did!) 
  • That good men exist… (I have one, and my clients have them, too!) 
  • That a woman can be both hyper-successful AND hyper-loved… (I am, and so are my clients!)
  • That true love not only lasts… it gets better with time, like old wine. (I am living it, 6.5 years into my marriage and motherhood!) 
  • And there’s a man for every woman… after all, we were born to be loved… (The TRUTH!!) 

Now, if you do not agree with any of these beliefs, bless your heart – but we are not a good fit. There’s no room for jadedness in the Wunder world. 

But if you DO believe in that kind of grand love that so many of us dreamt about when we read those novels in our beds until late night… then woman, the Universe has brought you to the right place! 

For it is my hot, passionate belief that the Universe has put the ELEVATE: Next Level Love Inner Circle straight in your path, to come learn the skills that attract that kind of healthy love that lasts and never leaves your side. 🙂

So What Is The ELEVATE Next Level Love Inner Circle?

If I may say so myself, it is my 6-month-long group coaching program where women’s love lives change forever.

The Inner Circle, with extensive live video coaching support (18 live coaching calls over 6 months) + over 12 hours course content modules…

… is THEPLACE TO BE for successful, empowered women who desire to attract an empowered, masculine energy man and have a family + those who’d like to elevate their current relationship or marriage into the Next Level of love and deepened intimacy. 

And they want to do it with joy, fun and ease!!! (Verrrry important, no pushing and hard work or feeling like a victim in the Wunder world!!)

It is a high-vibe energy container, where, if you are single, you will get answers to questions that most likely leave you sleepless at night right now:

  1. Why is it taking so long for me to manifest my soulmate, vs. others who seem to have it really easy & fast?
  2. How do I fast-track my soulmate manifestation? 
  3. How do I hold good energy during the “bridging” process of manifestation, and when things don’t go like I’d hope they would?
  4. How can I use both my empowered Feminine and Masculine Energies to bring an amazing man into my life, whether I am in my 30s, 40s or 50s?
  5. How can I heal that need for validation inside of me?
  6. How to not compare or feel jealous of other gorgeous women who feel like competition?
  7. How to connect with a man’s heart and keep it forever?

OR, if you’re in a relationship or married, in the ELEVATE Next Level Love Inner Circle, you will get answers to questions like:

  1. What behaviors are healthy and what behaviors are unhealthy, within a romantic relationship?
  2. Is it normal that he yells at me when he’s angry?
  3. Is it okay that my husband goes silent on me for 7 days as part of his cave time?
  4. Is it okay that he doesn’t help me, even when I ask for his help?
  5. How do I draw strong boundaries with my man, without starting a fight? 
  6. How to get my needs met by him, without being passive-aggressive or a doormat?
  7. How to revive our physical and emotional intimacy after many years of workoholism and kids?

Juicy, yeah? 

This is just the tip of the iceberg that is powerful program curriculum that we will be taking you through, month by month, in this 6-month journey. You will find all the details on the program page. 

And oh, for the next 48 hours only, there’s a Fast Action Bonus up for grabs!!

When you join the ELEVATE: Next Level Love Inner Circle within the next 48 hours, ending 22nd October 6pm EST, we will reward your decisiveness with two yummy fast action bonuses – 

1) A 90-minute group intensive with hot seat coaching time with me, worth 2000 euros, only for the first 10 women who sign up. 

2) A powerful “Top 10 High-Value Behaviors In Dating” video masterclass for our single queens, and a “How To Stop Over-Giving & Bring Him Close” Masterclass for our married and in relationship queens. 

Diva Bonanza!! 

next level love sign up

But on a more serious note, my loves, just stop and:

—> Imagine feeling no more frazzled by online dating or feeling like you’re looking for a needle in a haystack when it comes to attracting healthy men. 

—> Imagine not waking up at night with sheer anxiety in your stomach, that time is passing by and your love life is not progressing even though you get older. 

—> Imagine not having to cry yourself to sleep after yet another argument with your man, and wondering if this marriage is going to last.

—> Imagine knowing that you are doing something about it and that things are improving and getting better for you… day by day!!!

next level love

This is our 3rd year of running the program, and we have over 200 happy IC graduates, many of them continuing to stay with us, even once they attract their soulmate, because the support and the community feels THAT good!!!  

The ELEVATE Next Level Love Inner Circle is also our program with the highest client success rate and highest number of client engagements / happy ever afters and saved marriages and relationships. 

Look at just some of success stories (We have too many to put them all on this email): 

“I used to be the smart, sexy and chronically single woman! I knew I had to do something if I wanted my love live to be different – so I joined the Inner Circle.

3 months into the program, I remember I had no dates, and Sami reminding me to trust and have faith.

Today, I am happily engaged to a wonderful man, and it feels so good to see my career success be completed by love sauccess as well!”

~ Jay, United Kingdom

“Sami’s teachings and the work in the Inner Circle Relationships group made a significant impact on my relationship with my man, and also improved my relationship with my children & with myself as well.

I am now blissfully happy, grateful beyond words, and I feel such love and peace in my heart.”

~ Karianne, United States

“At 37 years of age, I get to experience the day where I go for my wedding dress shopping. This is all thanks to Sami. 

Strong, successful, career women like me can often fall into the trap of believing that men are intimidated by our success. Sami taught me that this isn’t true, and love & heart connection with a good man have nothing to do with our achievements or the money we make.

My fiancé adores me with my brains and success. We’re getting married this January. Thank you for everything, Sami!”

~ Nidhi, India

“I joined Inner Circle at what felt like the biggest investment of my life back then.

I came out of it with a ring on my finger from my soulmate, and an empowered mindset at all levels: men, money, and relationships.

Sami’s work is not for the weak-hearted, but if you’re ready to truly grow and uplevel and be a diva, you’re in the best hands.”

~ Lauren, United States

“Sami’s work helped me to go from a dissatisfied girlfriend to happy and adored wife.

She taught me the skills of embracing my feminine energy, speaking my truth, owning my boundaries and how to navigate real intimacy even in the tough moments.

Thank you, Sami!

~ Jessica, United States

So What Do You Get When You Sign Up Today? 

A lot of value, but let’s give you the basics here, because the Fast Action Bonus is extremely time sensitive: 

1. The BOMB Live Support Value – 18 live coaching calls over a period of 6 months, with 3 live calls a month with my team and myself, where you can get your questions answered and receive live support with your dating or marriage issues.

The calls will be held to cater to different time zones, to ensure that you have a chance to talk to us live. You will meet me once a month, associate Mentor Nadia Ederer, followed by associate Mentor Natalie Deadman once a month as well. Both are my former Inner Circle clients, now happily married women and trained personally by me. (Value: 18,000 euro) 

2. + The Expert Knowledge: over 12 hours of coaching videos + modules + worksheets to give you the skills you need to reach your next level love.

Check out the detailed content modules for singles and women in relationships here on the program page. And of course, you get to keep this content for a lifetime. (Value: Minimum Value 6000 euros)

3.+ A Global Community Of Kick-Ass Divas – A private Facebook group with a community of other gorgeous women on the same path as yourself for support andaccountability and diva fun for the period of 6 months. In the last round of the IC, we had women from 16 different countries. Just imagine! (Value: Priceless) 

4. + The Goodies: Me!!! Surprise visits from me, implementation prompts + helpful reminders + accountability sisters and so on! 

5. + Valuable bonuses over a thousand euros, interviews with other guest experts and helpful masterclasses, details of which available on the program page. 

Early bird discounted Investment until 27th October 11.59pm Pacific:

5000 euros (1000 euro savings!) 


Easy-pay Installments available: 

1) 2500 Euros deposit + 600 euros * 5 months 


2) 950 Euros * 6 months 

Before 22nd October, Fast Action Bonuses for the first 10 women only!

And before we finish, wondering, if you’re a right fit?

Let me help. 

Both single ladies looking to learn the skills to attract a wonderful man AND women in relationships who would like to heal and empower their relationships / marriages, are welcome into our Inner Circle. 

We run two separate support groups for singles and women in relationships, to cater to their different needs. 

You are the perfect fit for the Inner Circle if:

—> You are a woman who cares about her career / the money she makes, but equally prioritizes her love life success. 

—> You are a woman who values having a balanced personal life and not living a life that has success and achievements but no love and family of your own. 

–> You are a woman who is ready for her next level love and healing her marriage NOW (not 6 months later). You understand the value of time and taking action. 

–> You are a woman who is ready to invest money, time and energy into that which is important for her – LOVE! 🙂

–> You are ready to get uncomfortable, do the work and learn new mindsets and behaviors that may challenge you at first, but will serve you and bring you results. 

Honestly, being with me in the Inner Circle is hands-down the next best thing after private coaching with me, because you don’t have to pay my 30 K for 6 months fees, but still get to have me and my team of trained coaches by your side for half a freaking year, guiding you to the other side of chronic singlehood OR a “meh”-feeling marriage or relationship that we’re together going to turn into “Oh Yeah”-feeling!

Why Is The Inner Circle So Special This Time?

Honestly, it’s special every single time. Period. 

But never before have we provided so much live coaching support, 3 times a month, meaning 3 out of 4 weeks in a month, you will get to talk to me or one of my associate coaches!

I cannot wait to see what a game-changer this kind of intensive support will be for our clients, and how our ever-growing library of raving client testimonials and success stories will shoot across the sky!!!

You see, I live, breathe and dance to see my clients glowing happily in love. I truly do, my loves. It is my work, gift and mission on this planet. 

And it has been our experience after 3 rounds of running this program, that the best client results are achieved when women are able to speak with us (my team of coaches and myself) and have their personal challenges, mindset blocks and personal situations with their men addressed, vs. just studying the materials. 

The materials are no doubt powerful, but there’s transformative power in being able to receive accountability, coaching and get your personal situations and challenges addressed. 

There is power in having support to LIVE and IMPLEMENT the work, because that’s when you get real life results. 

For thorough details on course contents, client testimonials and other questions, we recommend visiting the program page by clicking here

And if you have still have more questions after reading the FAQ section on the program page, we got your back, Diva Queen!

Just hit “reply” to this email and ask away. My team is on standby to get back to you promptly. 

Let’s ELEVATE together into your Next Level Love. Shall we? 

With Love,
Sami Wunder

Sami Wunder

Dating and Relationship Coach at Sami Wunder Coaching
Sami Wunder is a certified dating and relationship coach, a blogger and inspirational speaker. She helps women all over the world reconnect with their feminine energy and attract and keep the man of their dreams.

Sami has been seen on The Daily Mail, The Elephant Journal, The Natural Health Magazine, and The Huffington Post.

Sami Wunder

Sami Wunder is a certified dating and relationship coach, a blogger and inspirational speaker. She helps women all over the world reconnect with their feminine energy and attract and keep the man of their dreams. Sami has been seen on The Daily Mail, The Elephant Journal, The Natural Health Magazine, and The Huffington Post.