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Below you will find a sample list of some of Sami's key media experiences.

Television Appearences


Channel 5, United Kingdom, The Wright Stuff Show

Radio Appearences

Georgey Spanswick Show, United Kingdom, 29 March 2018


The Hits Breakfast Radio Show, New Zealand, 30 April 2018

Love guru Sami Wunder reveals the secret to getting the engagement ring


The Neil Haley Show, United States 
The Total Tutor Neil Haley will interview Relationship Expert Sami Wunder.


TalkRadio, The Yasmeen Khan Show, 28.07.2017

Love Guru Sami Wunder Interview


Selected Written Media Appearances

Modern Love Coach Sami Wunder Has Seen Over 109 Clients Get Engaged in the Last Two Years, Authority Magazine

“I would love to start a movement to get interrelationship courses introduced in schools” With Sami Wunder


Thrive Global

“I would love to start a movement to get interrelationship courses introduced in schools” With Sami Wunder


Daily Mail Newspaper, United Kingdom

Don't stop dating other men until he proposes, advises 'Get the Ring' coach who did just that (and is now responsible for 95 engagements)



The New Zealand Herald, New Zealand

'Don't stop dating other men until he proposes' says Get the Ring Coach


The Times UK, United Kingdom

Red-tops: If you want Mr Right to pop the question, date around



Elite Daily, United States Justin Bieber & Hailey Baldwin's

Engagement Announcements Reveal So Much, According To An Expert

Leaning Back is the New Leaning In -- One Expert says All Women Need to do This in the Workplace


Style of the City Magazine, United Kingdom

Could rotational dating be the best way to attract your Mr Right?



Forbes Magazine, United States 

When It's Time To Dump Your Career And Pursue Your Passion

Relationship Coach Sami Wunder to Host a Life-Changing Love Breakthrough Event in London


Zoosk - The DateMix

Do’s & Don’ts for Introducing Your Significant Other to Your Friends

What to Do When Your Partner Is Uncomfortably Close to Their Best Friend


EliteSingles Magazine, United States 

6 Expert Online Conversation Starters

How To Make Really Good First Impressions On A Date

Can Men And Women Be Friends? 


Time Magazine: Motto

I Refused to Be Exclusive Until He Proposed


Zoe May 

Dating Spotlight: Interview With 'Get the Ring' Dating Coach Sami Wunder


Cosmopolitan Magazine, United Kingdom 

How to deal when your S/O goes to a different uni 



Female First Magazine, United Kingdom 

How This Simple Mindset Shift Will Help You Attract Your Soulmate


The Huffington Post 

Kick-Ass Career But Still Failing At Love?


Daily Mail Newspaper, United Kingdom 

Have you got a bulletproof relationship? The 10 tell-tale signs that prove you and your partner can make it through ANYTHING


Fox News Magazine, United States

16 Signs Your Partner Might Be Cheating (or Thinking About It)


Metro Newspaper, United Kingdom

How to survive Valentine’s day (whether you’re single, dating or coupled)



Business Rocks

#BizRocks Cover story by Sami Wunder – Relationship Tips For Female Entrepreneurs



Elephant Journal 

Why It Can Be Harder For Stronger Women To Find Love


Relationship Headquarters 

3 Dating Mistakes That Are Sabotaging Your Love Life


School of Shine 

5 Effective Ways to Get Over a Breakup


Women's Web 

What We Can Learn From Men About Being Ourselves

How To Help Yourself When You Don't Have All The Answers

Single Or In Love: A Note To All Fantastic Women On Valentine's Day

How I Realized I Am Beautiful 

Why Being Lonely Was The Best Thing That Happened To Me



Podcast Interviews


Happier & Healthier Podcast: Episode #20: Get The Ring & Keep Your Relationship Hot with Sami Wunder


The Entrepreneur Way - 972: Never Letting Your Hunger for Growth and Your Hunger for Moving Forward be Satiated with Sami Wunder Founder and Owner of Sami Wunder Coaching



Number One Coach Business Podcast : Episode #44: Just start, says the love coach – Sami Wunder



Jessica Nazarali - IT Girl Radio: Episode #53: Lean In At Work, Lean Back In Relationships



Lenka Lutonska: Interview with Sami Wunder, Dating & Relationship Coach



YouTube Interviews


BoYee Nataraja: Happy, Healthy & Free with BoYee - Top 5 Mistakes Women Make In Dating